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Hi, welcome to our blog! We are newlyweds living in Memphis, TN. We love life, adventure and of course each other. We're starting a blog to keep track of any and 'all things Jacques' so we can look back and cherish memories from our first year of marriage. We'll be sharing memories, I'm sure a lot of our dog Bella, favorite recipes, books, trips, spiritual thoughts, home projects, and anything we're enjoying in life at the moment! We hope you enjoy as well. Much love, Michael and Rachel Jacques

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dobie Update!

It's been a while since I have mentioned Chloe... Not because she hasn't been on my mind (constantly I might add) but because I have been anxiously awaiting news of how her training was going. 

(In case you need a refresher: We fostered Chloe and after a month or so we decided to adopt her but shortly after had some aggression issues so he has since been in training in Springfield, TN with a highly recommended trainer. Chloe is above right and our dog, Bella, is above left.)

I talked with Erica and Melanie from Streetdog Foundation (the rescue group I volunteer with and that is helping Chloe find her forever home) and I have exciting news to report! 

Chloe's Report:
She is now at a foster home in Dyersburg, TN. Her new foster, Melissa, and her family are going to contiue training with Chloe until they feel she is ready for a home OR may even adopt her themselves. Melissa's 15 year old daughter is in love with Chloe and rightly so. She is so easy to fall head over heels in love with. The report from the trainer is that she is extremely smart, needs an alpha human in her life and also needs a "job to do!". In fact, this trainer also does search and rescue training and has offered to train Chloe for free. Her foster, Melissa, has worked at shelters and humane societies and with rescues so she also has a lot of experience and has trained dobermans in the past. So, not only does Chloe have a strong alpha human in her life but she also may be a search and rescue dog! How cool is that? As always, I stand amazed at God's plan. 

This is also something that has been on my mind lately... the need for me to control my life and question the ultimate plan and path that God has in store for me. So often I want to control but this is just one example that shows how more amazing life can be if you "let go and let God". Not only is Chloe better off now, getting the training and lifestyle she needs to succeed but Michael, Bella and I are happier than ever. Life is "back to normal" and Bella is 100% her sweet, prissy and smart self. I love my little family of 3. In fact, we just celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday! I can't believe where the time has gone. Below is a collage of Bella's birthday night. We had a great time!

I am so happy to give a good report on Chloe and so happy that our sweet girl is another year older, healthy and happy! God is so faithful and we are so blessed.

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the little things in life like dogs' birthdays! :)

R & M

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