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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyday you can choose.

One of my favorites songs lately is "Steal My Show" by Toby Mac. You may have heard this on KLove recently. It's a really catchy song and easy to sing to. It also puts you in a good mood just listening to it BUT I took the time to really listen to it this morning and I can't stop thinking about the lyrics. One of my favorite parts comes at the end of the song. Here it is below.

No matter who we are, no matter what we do
Every day we can choose to say ...

If You wanna steal my show, I'll sit back and watch You go
If You got somethin' to say, go on and take it away
Need You to steal my show, can't wait to watch You go
So take it away

My life
My friends
My heart
It's all Yours, God
Take it away
My dreams
My fears
My family
My career
Take it away
Take it away
It's all Yours, God
Take it away
Take it away
It's You I wanna live for

In K Love's Behind the Music Toby explains that the song is about giving your life over to God. Toby says, “I was putting my five-year-old to bed one night and he said, ‘Daddy, how can you steal a show?’ I said, ‘Well if like four bands play one night and they just kill it, they stole the show,” Toby shares. “So he said, ‘Why would you be asking someone to steal your show?’ and I explained to him, ‘Dad’s asking God to take his show and do something bigger. Dad’s asking God to steal his show.’”

How awesome is that? So many times I find myself thinking I'm in charge and that I've worked hard for things that I have when in reality it's all God's. God has provided for me. What's so awesome about it is that God can take away any of those things (my life, friends, heart, dreams, fears, family, career)and I would be okay because He is all I need. And more than that if I let Him steal my show how incredible could it be? He fills any want and longing in my life and I truly want to glorify Him in all I do. These lyrics are so powerful to me. What I want to remember and what I wish everyone could take away is this simple: EVERDAY WE CAN CHOOSE. We can choose to give the day to God or get caught up the activities of the day. We can choose to spend time in prayer and in the word every morning or we can get busy and rush to work half empty. We can chose how we live our lives. Who are we really living for?

For the full song lyrics visit K love: http://www.klove.com/music/artists/tobymac/songs/steal-my-show-lyrics.aspx

Here it is on YouTube:

What will you choose today?

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